EuroClone Diagnostica Srl

Euroclone Diagnostica Srl is a Company fully owned by Euroclone S.p.A, established in January 2013 as a spin-off of the previous Euroclone S.p.A. – Human Diagnostic Division.

The focus of this spin off is to give a specific focus to managers and personnel, as well as external investors, to achieve the necessary critical mass for human diagnostic products in order to grow faster the business both at national and international level.

Euroclone Diagnostica SRL operates both at local and international level in the human diagnostic market segment and in particular in the area of Molecular Biology.

Euroclone Diagnostica SRL has the Business and Technical Headquarters in Siziano (in the surrounding of Milan) which cover approximately 1000, where also R&D activities are carried out, as well as the production for in vitro reagents and other diagnostics.

Euroclone Diagnostica SRL’s core business is the development, production and sale of innovative products. The Company has a number of strategic collaborations with various Research Organisations in Europe, a team of highly motivated managers, product and technical specialists and also either local direct sales network or international distributors network to consolidate EuroClone Diagnostica SRL business.

Euroclone Diagnostica SRL today has more than 18 employees involved in development, production, marketing and direct sales and sales support activities. The number is expected to increase in the future months and in the years to come. To increase the business, the Company works strategically together with a consistent growing number of international Distributors to implement the geographical expansion and to focus on product line extension as well as applications in the high volume of molecular biology testings by using automatic systems.